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Disperse DyestuffProducts

P series-dyes for direct printing

High energy disperse;
Good buildup with complete color gamut;
Good reproducibility;
High fixing rate with less scum and less stainning on ground, easy to washing.

No. Color sample Name of products Classification
● P Series-Dyes for Direct Printing
84 Yellow P-6G 200% S
85 Orange P-4RL 100% S
86 Scarlet P-4GFS 200% S
87 Br.Red P-BS 200% S
88 Rubine P-5BL 100% S
89 Turquoise P-GL 200% S
90 Blue P-2R 100% S
91 Navy P-3G 150% S
92 Black P-A(Liq) S
93 Black P-B(Liq) S
94 Black P-C(Liq) S
95 Black P-D(Liq) S
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