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SWF high washing fastness series

Excellent performance of thermal migration and washing fastness;
Suitable for the dyeing of microfiber,polyester/cotton,polyester/chinlon and polyester/spandex blends fabrics;
Good buildup performance;
Notice the PH range during dyeing.

No. Color sample Name of products Classification
● SWF Series-Dyes For High Washing Fastness
42 Yelow SWF 200% S
43 Yellow Brown SWF 200% S
44 Scarlet SWFF 200% S
45 Scarlet SWF 200% S
46 Red SWF 200% S
47 Rubine SWF 200% S
48 Rubine SWH 200% S
49 Turquoise SWF 200% S
50 Blue SWF 200% S
51 Navy SWF 200% S
52 Black SWF 200% S
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